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nutrition Workshops


I am available to do any of the following talks or workshops in your organization, community facility, church or home.


Check out some of my favourites below. Interested in something different? Please contact me and we will work something out.


Please email me for pricing, more information or to book a workshop. Stay tuned to our Community Events page to find out about upcoming workshops in your neighbourhood.


Interested in a cooking class? Check out some popular choices and upcoming classes here


Learn about the 8 fundamental principles to achieving abundant and vibrant health at any age. These laws of health are key in preventing and even naturally reversing many lifestyle diseases. Let me help you make a NEW START!


Ever heard of charcoal? Wondering what all the hype is about? Learn about the many uses and health benefits of this amazing product. It's a simple, yet powerful item you'll want to know all about! Includes interactive demos.

Kitchen Remedies

Food alone cures many diseases, but not only when you eat it! In this workshop you will learn about the healing properties of many simple foods and how to use and apply them as natural remedies for an astounding number of common ailments. You will discover the healing power that you already have in your very own home, right at your fingertips. Includes interactive demos.

Green Power Smoothies

Want a blood transfusion? Have a green smoothie! Sound too good to be true? Come and learn about the incredible health benefits of such an easy and delicious addition to any diet or lifestyle. The results will speak for themselves. Workshop includes demo, recipes for making powerful smoothies and taste testing.

Sprouting 101

Want to jump-start your health? Love the idea of having a garden but don't have enough yard space? Sprouting is the solution! It is power-packed nutrition in a compact package...right from your counter-top! Learn how to grow your own sprouts and boost your health one forkful at a time. Workshop includes an interactive demo and a package of sprouting seeds.

Design Your Own Workshop

Want to learn about something that is not listed here? Have a health concern that you need support with? Get some friends together, figure out what you'd like to learn about or contact me to brainstorm together. Please contact me for more details.

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