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Nutrition counselling options

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15 minutes  |  FREE

Working with a certified practitioner that you can trust and connect with is important. Please contact me for a FREE 15 minute call or video chat. This call will be for you to share your primary health concerns and to learn more about how I approach health and healing. Then you'll discover what you can expect from working with me. There’s nothing to lose – let's chat.

Initial visit - intake

90 minutes  |  $125

During this first consultation session together we will review your health history, discuss your current dietary patterns, address your primary health concerns, and answer any questions you may have. After your initial visit, you will receive a customized plan which includes your menu plan, natural remedy suggestions and lifestyle recommendations to get you back to feeling your best.


follow-up visit

60 minutes  |  $90

Follow up visits are typically 4-6 weeks after your initial consult and are an opportunity to tweak and refine your existing plans, receive additional recipes and more support to keep you on the path to achieving vibrant optimal health and reaching your goals.

Check-in visit

30 minutes  |  $50

Check-in visits are any visits with me after you've been following your set program for some length of time. Any time you need additional support, extended menu planning or continuity in care, you are encouraged to come in for a check-in.


4 week healing plan


This four week healing program includes:

  • 2 nutritional meetings in person (one 90 minute health history visit and one 60 minute follow-up visit)

  • customized 4-week plan, including healing foods meal plans, natural remedy suggestions and lifestyle recommendations

  • personalized menus with printed recipe booklet

  • one-on-one customized support 

  • regular weekly check-ins by dedicated nutritionist

  • free maintenance plan emailed at the end of the 4 weeks

  •  20% off cooking class of choice

juicing detox plan

7-DAY PROGRAM  |  $275

This seven day detox plan includes:

  • in-person session with juicing demo

  • step-by-step instructions for a gentle juice cleanse

  • personalized juice recipes 

  • one-on-one customized support

  • regular check-ins during the 7 days by dedicated nutritionist

  • 20% off cooking class of choice

A detox is recommended at ​least twice a year (spring and autumn),

but ideally once a season for optimal digestive health.

*Check out Community Events for upcoming Detox Weekend Getaways!*

Please Note:
You may have benefits coverage for a Certified Holistic Nutritionist. 

Invoices can be provided, as needed. 
Payment plans are available, please call for more details. 


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